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15) Stuck at: MSG: Contacting Server and won't go any further.

If you see this message it can indicate that the information being transmitted from the Ventrilo server to your computer is being blocked by your router or firewall. There are a couple of steps to more clearly identify the issue. The first step it to try to have your Ventrilo connect to a known good hosting company and server.
  1. Quit the Ventrilo Application.
  2. Then go here
  3. Down the right hand side in the Ventrilo Locations area, click the DEMO button next to a server that is near you

What should happen is that your Ventrilo Application should start up and connect to their server.
  • If it connects correctly, that means Ventrilo is NOT being blocked and you most likely have a typo in your Ventrilo configuration information.
  • If it does NOT connect, then Ventrilo may be blocked by your firewall or router. The easy way to test this is to connect your Mac directly to your cable modem or dsl modem with an ethernet cable; bypassing your router or firewall.
    **** There is a GOTCHA in this step; please note that you must POWER CYCLE the modem any time it is plugged into a different device. Power Cycle Steps are simple;
a) Plug your Mac into your cable modem via the ethernet cable
b) Unplug the POWER CABLE from the cable modem and count to 30
c) Plug the power cable back in
d) Restart your Mac
Once restarted, start up Safari or whatever browser you use and make sure you can surf the net. Then, go back to Step #2 above (try the Ventrilo demo host) and try connecting again.

If it now connects, you know that Ventrilo was blocked by your router or firewall, and it will need to be reconfigured to allow Ventrilo information to pass through. You will need to make sure that port 3784 UDP and TCP is not blocked. If you don't know how to do that, please refer to the manual for your device or consult with the manufacturer. You can now put things back to how they were originally, remembering to power cycle the cable modem when you plug it back into your router.
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