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Bumping an old thread...came across this searching google for similar problems with shaw customers and extremely high ventrilo broadcast delays and pings.

Linked from here: [url][/url]

I also get terrible latency with US side ventrilo servers but don't have any Canadian vent servers to connect to. If someone with the same problem has login info for a Canadian server they'd let me test with them, we could gain some valuable information related to which servers get the latency problems.

Someone said shaw doesn't use packet shaping. For those who don't understand what packet shaping is, look here: [url][/url]

Well, going back all the way to 2004 you can find proof shaw uses packet shaping on bittorrent data here: [url][/url]

There's a significant number of ISP's exploring and already using the option (companies like Ellacoya are part of a $200 million market), but it's not something they quickly publicize, in order to avoid user complaints and bad PR
Following the link in the middle of the page, we are led to a company named Ellacoya Networks, which has been consumed by Arbor Networks, you can view their client list here: [url][/url]

Another important article to read from 2006 regarding Shaw's packet shaping of Vonage's VOIP data can be found here: [url][/url]

The Shaw QoS surcharge was not new and was first announced fifteen months ago by Shaw. Immediately after the QoS surcharge was introduced in March of 2005, accusations of traffic shaping by Shaw began.


Digital Home members who contacted Shaw and explained the situation were informed that the only way to ensure their VoIP service would function properly was to sign up for QoS. At the time, the company denied that the sudden diminishment of service and the introduction of QoS service were related.
Edit: Forgot to add this: [url][/url]


clearly indicates that problem with third party VoIP providers (and VoIP in
general) is of bandwidth contention and packet loss, which can be solved by
purchasing the "Service Enhancement". If the product does nothing to solve
these problems, as is suggested earlier in the thread(s), then it's a clear
case of misrepresentation and not "spin". It would be no different if they
claimed the service cured warts.

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