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Originally Posted by Prog-Rocker View Post
status page and server browser both see it but i couldn't telnet to it so something is blocking the 3784 TCP connection
the problem is probably with the router portforwarding since i see you connected
Thank you very much for checking this out!

I have now changed the network configuration here so that the iBook running the server is no longer part of a subnet (there are several separate subnets in the building, all connected via secondary routers). It is now directly connected to the main router (the router that connects the building with the outside world). After adjusting the firewall and port forward settings of that router to account for the different IP address of the server, I checked, via the status page, that the server is accessible again.

I would be most grateful if you could do another test now:
IP address
port 3784
password "testx"
(the server name is "aloha kaakou")



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