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The PTT or voice activate won't really make a difference.

In my experience the issue occurs 20-25 minutes after using Vent. 'Using' means connecting, dropping into a channel saying a few words here and there. After a period, the voice becomes almost robotic and hard to understand.

At this point, I have duplicated the issue on over 100 different Macs, using a variety of USB headsets, and OS's from 10.5.6 to 10.6.1. All completely clean installs.

Just as an example, I pulled a brand new iMac 20", 2.66, 2G, 320G Apple Part # MB417 out of the box this morning. Plugged it in, started up, entered the normal email information. It had 10.6 preinstalled. Then started up Safari, downloaded Vent and installed it. Grabbed a Logitech USB headset, plugged it in started up Vent, configured. Hopped into a channel with some folks, said hi and explained that I was testing a headset. Waited 10 minutes, said Hi again. waited about 10 minutes and let them know I was still there. I got three words out and they said 'hey, you went all robo on us'.

I know a few Java (Mac) developers who were having similar issues with AudioInputStream.

The issue is readily duplicated with USB Mics, but does not appear to occur with built in mics on iMacs and MacBooks.

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