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Thanks for your fast answer right again. I've talked to the serveradmin and he told me he didn't know it was illegal since he said 2.1 was a free version so and it was kinda weird to update it to a version that wasn't free or free and very limited. Like I said it now sounds kinda stupid, but my english isn't awesome and he said it a bit else but I dunno how to say it :s

Anyway, he wants to buy a licence but that info is all a bit mistique. For example if I check the ventrilo website:

Server 2.3 - Pro version:
The Pro version of the Ventrilo server can not be downloaded. It requires that we accept your application and that you sign and return the Ventrilo license. However, we do not license everyone.
In order for an applicant to be considered you must meet the following minimum requirements.
1) You must have a legitimate business license in your state, country or jurisdiction. Please be prepared to provide proof when requested.
2) You agree to a 1000 slot minimum. Slot counts greater then 1000 are billed at the per slot rate for the total number of slots hosted. Slot counts below 1000 are billed at the per slot rate with the required minimum of 1000 slots.
3) Licensee's slot counts are expected to grow on a regular basis.
We don't need 1000 slots , more like 50, 60 or 70. The admin already has a server of his own so the only thing he needs is a licence. Is that possible? Or is it only possible to hire/rent a complete server from some kind of website and get a number of slots?

In other words: is it possible to buy a licence so we get access to the needed slots on a server we run ourselves? If so, howmuch would cost that?

Maybe I can communicate on vent with my mac afterall

I've just checked your 2 websites and I see you hire/rent entire servers with the userslots there. 50 slots are 14,99 and 19,99 which is imo expensive. Now I don't know anything about renting this kind of stuff, im only a user who is putting some effort in it because he wants it to work on his mac. But I've heard he has its own server so we have to pay servercosts and bandwidth costs while we could have that ourselves and only need slots. Is it possible?

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