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Well i ll start with nice rig man! go to nivida and check for the new uni drivers for that card, i am currently using 181.x on my game rig. goto the nvidia site dont use update windows or anything like that, go read the uni driver upadtes info and check if your card is listed.
then check with Realtek the same way, look at you system info for the exact audio card you have and check for patches and/or work arounds.
there is still the possiblity of a bad memory module, read you motherboard book or get on line from the manuf. not HP but what silk screened on the actual board fo to their site and check for new drivers the same way.
"big box" computers are last to get update info for their machines, some hot shot says ..."na these arent important enough yet to add them to our list" we dont have enough complaints yet... but the do keep up on MS OS updates though.

fill in info for you on this office rig.
HP Slimline 32220n
AMD Dcore 64x2 5000+
Nvidia 6150 se
so like i said you have a nice rig, it has to be a sound driver or GPU driver issue.
3.0.x if making a function call your GPU and CPU are like wtf! and look for work arounds, this is the lag spike your getting.. ?do you see the not responding message from the windows OS in the top bar of vent? it migh be suppresed.

i am also thinking and it is possible old registery scrap still running, the old ones you say work fine, instead of deleating them just reaname the directories the old ones live in so they dont get loaded into mem from the get reg. function at boot up.

then try after getting the updates if any...

My game rig info.
No name from scratch
MSI P43 Neo3 Mother
Dcore extreme
Realtek ALC888 HD sound
REaltek Lan 10/100/1000
PNY, Nivdia core 8500GT
overclocked out the yin/
pulling 34-60 FPS in dalran in WoW, depends on server pop.
running the lates 181 driver with phyics CUDA core on.

looking forward fto hearing from you.

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