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Default Woot on Flagship!

I'd been using TS and TeamSpeex for a short while when one of my guildies had a problem with TS. My guild has a Vent server, but the guy who pays for it can't get the ISP to change the codec. So I set up an 8 slot Vent server on my own webserver, and wow it's fantastic. Much higher quality than I got with TS. Almost up to Skype's quality with a larger limit, the ability to come and go rather than being invited, and, of course, not so much of the Skype vulnerabilities.

There's virtually no functionality beyond the base in the Mac client, but let's be frank: I want to talk and be heard, so I reckon I can wait for the rest. In the meantime I've got a PC at work I can use to tinker with server and channel settings.

Anyway, my point is woot on ya, Flagship! Thanks for producing the Mac client and supporting the Mac community, and I look forward to the coming improvements!

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