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Default Vent Srv 3.0.3

Hi all, long time Vent user first time poster.

Have been hosting a vent server forever and have had no issues. Apparently my PC rebooted last night unexpectedly and for the life of me I can not connect to my vent server. I can connect just fine using local host but none of the other PC's in the house can connect.

I see my server on the status page just fine. All ports are still forwarded just fine in my ATT Uverse router. The application is set for my computer, the one running the server. I've quadruple checked MyIP and it's still the same IP.

I've rebooted my PC and the router/modem several times. I can connect to other Vent servers without issue.

For the first time I am completely stumped..... I have no idea what else to check

Again it was working just fine last night but now isn't this morning after my PC apparently rebooted. I've tried also installing the service but that didn't help

Any thoughts or help appreciated
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