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Hmmm, some general strangeness there. I think more information is necessary to troubleshoot further.

Once in contact with the server ('server is available'), Ventrilo instructs me to click the 'connect' button. When I do that, I get an the error message (see the title of this thread). The full message tells me that the server and/or channel is set to use the GSM 6.10 codec and that the client I'm using (Mac OS 3.0.4) can only use the Speex codec.

That sounds like the Vent Admin has you set to go into a default channel that is set for GSM. Check with the admin and see if that's the case.

I do not know if the server was re-started after being set to the Speex codec. I didn't change the server settings, I only looked at them. It was already set to use Speex. I was able to use the Windows client successfully with this server configuration.

As mentioned before, if the default codec is changed, the server has to be restarted. So the settings may say Speex, but it is still using GSM.

Yes, I am able to connect to the server. I'm able to chat, but no VOIP. I'm not using PTT. My speaker icon does not turn green when I talk as it does when I use the Windows client in the same manner.

When you say you are able to chat, but no VOIP? Does that mean you can chat via text chat? If you did not set PTT and it is not set to voice activate (which is sounds like your Windows client is) then it make sense the icon does not turn green.

Start Vent, click the Setup Button, and set your Hotkey to something, say, the command key. Then click the Test button. Press and release your Hotkey a few times and see if the status list says
-- Begin --
-- End --
Each time you press and release it.
Click the Test button again to end the Test.

Oh, also see the Macintosh Troubleshooting steps, #15 as a test.

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