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Once in contact with the server ('server is available'), Ventrilo instructs me to click the 'connect' button. When I do that, I get an the error message (see the title of this thread). The full message tells me that the server and/or channel is set to use the GSM 6.10 codec and that the client I'm using (Mac OS 3.0.4) can only use the Speex codec.

I do not know if the server was re-started after being set to the Speex codec. I didn't change the server settings, I only looked at them. It was already set to use Speex. I was able to use the Windows client successfully with this server configuration.

Yes, I am able to connect to the server. I'm able to chat, but no VOIP. I'm not using PTT. My speaker icon does not turn green when I talk as it does when I use the Windows client in the same manner.

I know others are using the Mac client and I wonder if the successful ones have Intel-based Macs? Mine is an older G4 Powerbook. I'll try using PTT.

Thanks for your help!

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