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Originally Posted by SirNicholas View Post
It's a long time I'm running on my W7 a vt server.
Actually I'm the only admin, with 1 user.

All fine, for month, years...

Last week I installed ZoneAlarm Extreme Security.
Door opened, all running smoothly.

But after that it happened already 3 times, that for no reason, I got banned from my own vtserver (and the other user too).
I suspect that it's due to the firewall.
Any suggestion?
wow uninstall ZoneAlarm Extreme Security. you don't need that if your behind a router. Windows FW works the same way and as for spy ware
you should have Windows Defender so your fine there now all that left is anti virus well avast is good and kaspersky is the best. ZoneAlarm is blocking your server you want to keep it you need to config it. dont ask me how because I would never use that gay shit on my PC EVER!!!

Your server log is in c:\Program Files\VentSrv.
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