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Default Default Wont reconnect to server after timeout, have to quit Ventrilo and restart?..


So typically when I get DC'd from a server for a quick timeout or something, it does the 10 second countdown and reconnects.

However, as of the last couple of weeks it just hangs on "Contacting Server". If I click disconnect, and reconnect again, same thing, just says "Contacting Server." I have to close down ventrilo completely and re-open it in order to reconnect to the server.
I know this isn't a problem with the server. Others are reconnected when they get timed out or lose connection. I think it might be a router issue, since it happens to all of my PCs in my house. But it works fine on my laptop when I am out.

I'm on Xfinity gigabit service, with the newest XB7 Gateway. I've done a handful of reboots, but hasn't fixed the issue, and I'm not sure what, if any settings might need to be adjusted.


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