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Originally Posted by Reviving Dead Threads View Post
Depending on your budget I would suggest to you the following,

For Wireless,

Logitech G533, its responsibly priced at $149.99 CAD,
it has a built in macro key button in the headset that can be set to a specific push to talk button just for Ventrilo.
DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound Audio means you will be able to hear your friends clearly.
15 hours of battery life.
Noise-Cancelling microphone for crystal-clear voice chat communications.

For Wired,
You have a few options around the same price

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Headset 164.99USD
Excellent sound quality.
Comfortable build for ears with leather and memory foam.

Plantronics RIG 500E 134.99USD
Flexible design, so can take a beating if you drop it on the floor.
Comfortable to wear.
Good sound quality.

Personally I don't know as much about those wired options as I am a bit of Logitech fan boy, but I know you would not have the built in buttons for easy push to talk.

Hope this helps and gives you an idea of where to start looking.
Hey, thank you for your time and suggestions. Any deals on the logitech headset you would know of by any chance.
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