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Originally Posted by Bisharaf View Post
well what u mean is that u can get connected to vent by using proxifier i remember my self using proxifier and then u can get connected to any site u want. so that means vent is blocked thats why u need proxifier to open it as well as 100's of other sites in dubai.

im still wondering if SAHM user's have their vent being blocked then it makes sense. overall im not a techinal geek or anything its why i hear and see.

and few days ago they told me themselves at 101 that they have blocked it.
if you go to google and search for proxifier you'll find the cached of, open it and read what proxifier is.

(Proxifier is a program that allows network applications that do not support working through proxy servers to operate through a HTTP or SOCKS proxy server or a chain of proxy servers.)which means my friend Bisharaf that even if you open your browser through proxifier youll still get blocked websites.

And it also means that your application (which is a client) will connect to another application (which is a server) through proxy (which means if the server logs connections, it will log your connection with the IP of the proxy and not your public IP assigned to you by your ISP). Please check your facts my friend.

If you wanna know why proxifier is website is blocked, its because it has the feature of Bypassing Firewall which has nothing to do with proxifiying.

I still think there is a problem through Vent. But i'll have to investigate further till im 100% sure. But what im 100% sure of is that if you spoof your IP to another IP out of the range of IPs assigned by Etisalat you'll be able to connect to Vent.

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