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Default Another Robotic voice :)

So when I downloaded ventrilo, my voice was fine and everything. Actually I've had ventrilo quite a few times on my pc. But maybe a week or so ago it started up. I was told I had a robotic voice and it was very very staticy. Bought a new mic, same thing. Voice sounds normal in Skype. Did a google search found this. Tried to do what Faqs suggested, but I'm really unsure as to what sound driver I have. Did a dxdig run and this is what I came up;

Main Driver: nvd3um.dll
Version:8.17.0012.8026 (english)

I am not at all computer savvy and was wondering if someone could possibly help me out with this situation. I'm assuming its my sound driver and not graphics (thought I do run ventrilo along-side with gaming, but as I said it didn't do this till recently.) I'm also guessing my sound driver is Nvidia (ugh) since nvd=nvidia? I'd appreciate any and ALL help I could get, as I'm trying to figure this out.
Also my OS is Windows Vista Home Premium.

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