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First of all thanks for your time and sorry for the late response, I was on vacation.

My vent has the same setup as described

As far as i know are my drivers up to date (got a build pc - 1year old)

i havnt checked the BIOS yet.

I did the Dxdiag thing but i'm not sure if this is what you need.. I use windows 7 and i cant find the Run thing , so i just typed dxdiag in the search window and i got it, atleast i think so. Because the file was that big and would've took 4-5 posts, i tryed to upload it online. I hope the link works for you, if not, tell me and 'll copy-paste it just like you said.

[URL=" VZ3SB5Mf4lEHIeHse0maia58cAasTzIFkVduRywGUBfqzxV8go yjZeatdfZwqoflo%3D&rp=eH5nWJEzOmgKO%2BLAjGW6hE30X5WXtOa5vJBjOTwGGkfoI uyPnDvLI/wIatvdL2f%2B&up=YDTqBOjidbCUo/ar1oAtZt2g8Dg51h3yC/twDaeI1ppXjAWQu4nqnagamU6sD%2BVjG8vK9LuJZ9/2EISvLxa5TDff9CuV1SB8bbca/xkCSUKZsBE5i3QBkG1r6Gzhw%2BLW&u=UDaAhEHyQS-xmSzkaWiCXQ/h1"]Uploaded Dxdiag Saved log[/URL]
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