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Windows XP, 32 bit

After further testing in the setup:

My voice replay sounds slow and deep, as if it were recording twice as fast, and then replaying in real time, causing my voice to sound twice as slow.

Direct sound input only works for a few seconds, and then stops responding altogether.

Without direct sound, I eventually get the "Ventrilo is transmitting data too fast" error.

I also get the same problem (deep, slow voice) in Audacity (recording program). But strangely, there is no problem in microsoft recorder or team speak.

I'm pretty sure it's a driver problem of some sort. Recording works correctly in some programs (microsoft recorder, TS), and ventrilo works perfectly fine in OSX. The audio driver under output and input device is "Cirrus Logic HD Audio."

If someone can provide any insight on how to fix this, it would be much appreciated.
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