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Well, I'm officially stumped at what the cause could be.

Kerrisis has tried using the on-board Marvell NIC and has the same issue, so that rules out it being a Realtek specific problem. He also suspected that maybe it could be the gigabyte switch we both use, but Prog-Rocker uses the same, bar his being 8 port and both of ours only being 5. So it seems unlikely the problem is with that.

I've run ventrilo.exe through process monitor and checked every single item reported where it touched system files or registry entries, and again turned up nothing.

I did discover that the drop in speed happens on transfers already in progress. I started a 2GB file copying to my machine and it managed 70MB/sec, the second I clicked connect in Ventrilo the speed plummeted. As soon as I disconnected, it shot back up again.

I've even gone as far as to connect to other public Ventrilo servers, both free (8 client limit) and commercial, with no change.

My last attempt was to run a ventrilo server on the same machine as the client and connect to localhost, ruling out Ventrilo traffic affecting the external network entirely.

Again, throughput dived the second the client was connected.

I'm now at a complete loss, and from the silence on this thread, I'm assuming the people in charge are too. Short of debugging this one line of code at a time (I'm not that skilled in programming, nor is the source available), there's nothing more I can do.
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