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Default Failed to open sound input device.

I was using Ventrilo 3.0.8 client without problems. When launching the client, I received the popup notification that there is a new version (4.0.1) available, so I downloaded it. After having some issues with the install (had to run as administrator), I successfully got 4.0.1 running. Unfortunately the server I was connecting to has not yet upgraded, so I went back to the 3.0.8 client that is still on my computer. Now I receive the following error:

Failed to open sound input device. rc=-10, CreateCaptureBuffer failed. HR=E_FAIL. An undetermined error occurred

Whenever I use the PTT key, the following error occurs:
Can not transmit because the program has not successfully opened a sound input device such as a desktop or headset based microphone. Please check your hardware configuration and any reported errors during connection.

I have checked that the headset works by plugging it into another computer. The headset is USB, so I also tried various ports on the computer. I have also verified that it is the default recording device for the computer. When I select "Listen to this device" under the "Listen" tab of the device properties, I can hear my voice through the speakers. I have also checked everything I could find online about the system registry. I'm not sure what to look for, so I didn't change anything. With all that said, the next post will include DXDIAG info. I appreciate any suggestions that you can offer.

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