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just tryin to help
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did you try booting into safe-mode?

ok, let's try starting from scratch before trying a router reset. if this still doesn't work then try the next router option.

Starting From Scratch

Write down your Username(s) and Server information
exit vent
goto START/RUN and enter: %appdata%\ventrilo
right-click on ventrilo2.ini (located in the Ventrilo folder) and select “Rename”
give the file a different name
restart vent
re-enter your username and server/password information


Factory Reset the Router - note: This will erase all settings that were manually changed and reconfigure the router to an 'out-of-box' configuration. Record any manual changes before performing a reset. Some newer routers include an option to save all current settings to flash or save to a file on your pc. Consult the router documentation for the proper steps.
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