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Post Fios?

I have a quick question for you.

Do you have FIOS?
if you dont have FIOS just disregard this post.
And i applogize ahead of time for spelling/grammer mistakes. I am tired however i came across your thread and wanted to help.

For a more indepth guide scroll to the bottom and check on my links (highly advised)

If your answer to the above question is "Yes", I have a easier method that will eliminate the double NAT that you currently have configured.

I have the same setup FIOS with fios TV. Just so you know a little about me i have am minor in Computer Networking and im working on my bachelors in network security.
I have many servers that i run at my house so when i switched over to FIOS, as you can probably imagine the double NAT cause many issues for me.

What you are trying to do, will be 100% easier if you do the following.

Basically right now your internet and all that is probably setup using the MoCA connection (Media over coax). Basically in lamens terms, you have a box on the outside of your house called a ONT that your fiber line comes into. From there, the ONT throws all of your ethenet traffic on the cable coax throughout your house. That is what makes it possible for your TV set top boxes to get video on demand and TV guide informtaion. You also have a "router" that plugs into the COAX connection, and provides a wireless/wired connection to your computers for internet.

Inside of the ONT you will have a coax output and a cat5 ethernet output. Basically what you need to do is run a cat5 cable from the ONT on the side of your house, to Router 1. This is the router that you are trying to port forward all of your stuff through. You will need to call verizon and tell them that you would like to change the media type on your ONT from media over coax, to cat5 ethernet. Then that cat5 ethernet that you ran from the ONT to router 1 get plugged into the WAN port of that router. Basically what you are doing, is making Router 1 the most forward facing router in your network so that when you get a connection request form the outside, it gets routed correctly. Now as far as Router 2 goes (the one with the coax connection) YOU WILL STILL NEED TO HOOK THIS ROUTER UP!. Basically what you are going to do is hook up Router 2, off of Router 1. So bascially, backwards from how you currently have it.

The reason you need to do this is because the Router 2 is how all of your TV's set top boxes get there TV guide data and there video on demand. If you dont hang router 2 off of router 1 then your TV's will not function correctly.

Now its better to do it this way because you are not trying to forward special ports for your television. However you are trying to forward ports for other things in your house. By making router 1 your forward most facing router, it will eliminate many of the port frwarding problems you are having right now.

Here is a link to a more in-depth How-To to get it done. i would be happy to write it up for you however its 1:40 in the moring and i have to work at 8am :P

Here is the basic HOW-TO for your current setup. Keep in mind there is 4 parts depending on what services you currently have installed (example: Mediashare DVR)

[url][/url] (this is the main How-to)

For some FAQ's and more info...


I hope this helps make things a little bit simpler for you.
I will check this thread tomorrow and look it back over to make sure i didnt miss anything important. Its late and im tired :P
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