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Originally Posted by Flagship
Not sure. It could be a symptom of portions of the code that are not fully compliant with the new architecture. Strange though that it would just start happening suddenly?
When it first happened I brushed it off as a minor issue because the Mac version of vent is still in testing, but now it happens on a daily basis. If it helps any the problem first started (for me anyways) in January, I had been using my PC during December so I didn't take note of any Mac issues with vent. I update my Mac when available (Downloading 1.4.5 now) so the problem might have arisen from an operating system update that occurred during the the winter months. Would be interesting to see if this occurs on previous builds of Tiger.

Unfortunately that is all I know, not sure how to replicate the issue but as I said it happens to me almost every day, often many times a day.

Appreciate all the work on Vent for OS X, hope a resolution to this issue can be found soon!
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