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Originally Posted by staticfloat View Post
Hello, I just recently started using Ventrilo to talk with a friend of mine as we game. I loaded the Ventrilo server onto my linux server, and I use my Macbook Pro to run Ventrilo, while he uses his Windows laptop to run Ventrilo. Everything works great, except that every now and then he stops being able to hear me, (I hear him just fine) and then a couple minutes later, everything that I have said to him in that time is played back to him at once. e.g., he hears what I said 3-4 minutes ago. It's like there's some kind of huge buffering error or something.

Has anyone had similar problems? If more information would be helpful, just ask and I can provide it!
My guild vent is doing the same thing.. except mine is being heard one time... then replaying randomly again... seeing as how i'm the only mac that i know of it must be mac client / OS X.. no one else's do it .. including 3 other computers on my internet connection.
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