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Thanks for the additional information.

The router has 5 settings: high, medium, low protection, firewall off, user modification.
Since even "low" does not allow the traffic through, I had chosen "off".

Following your suggestion I chose "user modification" and set up port 3784 TCP & UDP as well as 6100 UDP, for both incoming and outgoing traffic - but still no luck. So I am back to "firewall off" and will call a service rep and ask them to tell me what to do. :-)

Added later: I did a web search, hoping to find some setup information from someone who previously went through the process, and I found a sample firewall setup for an HTTP server on the web and extrapolated from that what the settings for Ventrilo would have to be. Turns out the firewall settings are somewhat unintuitive (for example, although there is a field for "port on the WAN side" one should/need not enter anything there, etc.). Anyway, I followed the sample and according to "Status" the server can now be accessed.

Thanks again!


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