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Configuring Portforwarding on the Router
Note: some routers use "Virtual Server" instead of Portforward

Locate the router that connects directly to your internet connection and get the make/model. Navigate to this site, then locate your router and click on the link:

On the next page locate the “Ventrilo Server” link and click it. Follow the directions for configuring your router.

NOTE: You must also portforward 6100 UDP on the router and allow 6100 UDP thru your firewall software

It is a BEST practice to power off the router for at least 60 seconds. Verify the settings are correct after powering back on.

Note: some routers require separate entries for TCP and UDP as opposed to a setting for “Both”. Please try this configuration before contacting the Ventrilo forum. Also, make sure the routers firmware is up-to-date. Check the manufacturer’s website for updates.

The ipaddress to portforward can be found using the “Ipconfig /all” command on the server PC. The port# is 3784.

x.x.x.x port 3784 TCP
x.x.x.x port 3784 UDP
x.x.x.x port 6100 UDP
(where x.x.x.x = the ipaddress of the pc running Ventrilo Server)

Test the Router Configuration

Get your External Ipaddress using this link:
Test the router configuration using this link: (enter your external ipaddress and port 3784)

Note: if the status check doesn’t respond then try temporarily disabling all firewall/virus/spyware software. Also try disabling all unused LAN ports on the PC.

If you need to contact the forum for further help then please provide the following screenshots:
Ipconfig /all
Router WAN screen (shows your external ipaddress)
Router Portforward screen

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