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Question Major Issue: Ventrilo freezes PC (~30seconds at a time, mouse not frozen)

Hello, I recently purchased a new laptop (Windows Vista) and it hangs be working wonderfully. The only problem I have run into so far is with Ventrilo.

When I open Ventrilo all is well until I either connect, go into settings, or try to exit. Each of the three cause everything on my laptop to stop working (besides the mouse though I can't click) for about twenty to thirty seconds.

If I connect I can here everyone just fine but if I try to goto setup to customize it so I can actually use it it does the lockup again. I tried the hold down Ctrl to disable mixers and it still froze for the 20-30 seconds and then the popup saying mixers are disabled showed.

Edit: It only freezes on close if you close while connected, but still freezes on setup on both connected and not connected.
I have looked around quite a bit and have tried changing sound options, updating drivers, uninstalling codecs that might have interfered but nothing has helped.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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