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just tryin to help
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need some info first:

are you using PTT or voice-activation in vent?
if PTT what key are you using?
if you're using capslock as the PTT then try testing by setting it to a different key, like ctrl, alt, or shift

or try this:
rt-clik in vent window > misc > gui ignore keys

(note: this will provide a basic overview of the system configuration)

Win-XP/7 - Click on the Windows Start button (left corner of taskbar)
Win 8/10 – Right-click on the Windows Start button (left corner of taskbar, window pane icon)

Select RUN then enter DXDIAG

Click the 'Save All' button
File is saved to the desktop as "DxDiag.txt"
Copy/paste the information (up to, and including, the [PS/2 Devices] section) to the forum. The information might have to be separated into multiple posts due to the maximum character limitation.
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