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Default Xbox One controller disable my microphone on ventrillo


When I connect my Xbox One controller to my PC, it disables my microphone after I open Ventrilo. I used my controller a while back and it never did that. I wonder if its due to one of windows driver updates or something.

Scenario 1:

Vent is closed.
Connect my controller, Controller works fine and windows pick up my mic.
Open Ventrilo and connect to server.
This message appear: ''Failed to open sound input device. rc=-10, CreateCaptureBuffer failed. HR=E_FAIL. An undetermined error occurred''
Windows dont pick up mic anymore.

Scenario 2:
Vent is open. Every thing works fine.
Connect my controller, Controller not working.
Close Ventrille and reconnect controller.
Controller works and when i open vent again, same thing in scenario 1 happens.

Is there a way to fix this?

If this helps, i use a Razor Megalodon headset and genuine Xbox One controller. Both USB powered. Using Windows 7.

Its kinda frustrating that i cant use vent while playing with my controller.
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