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Default Logitech LCD Applet

Ever since I upgraded my logitech gaming software to version 8.50.133 I am no longer able to get the LCD on my G13 or my G510 keyboards to show a Ventrilo applet. I contacted Logitech and they said:

"Dear Robert,

This is Charo from The Logitech Customer Care Team and I am glad to assist you.

Robert, Iím sorry to hear that your G13 Advanced Gameboard . Let me help you with this.

The applet has been removed from the Logitech Gasming Software. You can still download the applet from the Ventrilo website or downgrade the software version on your computer.
We are sorry for this inconvenience."

So I am unable to find this applet anywhere from the ventilo site, am I just blind? Or is this no longer supported?

I am using 3.0.13 for the Ventrilo client and 10.9.1 for my Mac OS. I do have the Logitech Gamepanel LCD support ( G15, G13, G19, Z-10, etc ) checked under the global settings. As the owner/administrator of my vent server I want to see who is talking when and who joins/disconnects while I am in game.

Thanks for any help,

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