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Default This is how you can set your output

We all know that as of right now, Ventrilo's Output Selection function is busted.

You could set ALL the sounds on your Mac to go out through the headset- or even your bluetooth cell phone, but the primary point of the headset for vent, speakers for ingame sound is the ease of seperation between the two.

The solution is a now free app by Rogue Amoeba called Detour


After installing, you can easily set up Detour to route the Ventrilo audio to the headset/sound source of your choice.

A warning, Detour uses Application Enchancer, something considered by a few mac users to be the devil. I have never had any problems with AE, but some people have.

Also, it won't run under root- so those of you who have perma root on are out of luck.

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