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Originally Posted by deadlystryker View Post
Deleted port mapping 6100. I am not running the server on XP Pro, I am running my client from XP though. The server is on Ubuntu Server.

I will post a picture here soon, showing my port-forwarding configuration.

Can you clarify how to set up Private and Public ports 3784?

Device           Allowed Applications    Private IP      Public IP Address
                    Web Server
                    HTTPS Server
                    SSH Server
Edit: After some more thought, I realize under Adress Allocation on my 2wire Gateway settings page, I can (if it would let me...) select Public (Select WAN IP Mapping) and then next to that is WAN IP Mapping, but shows no options besides Router WAN IP Mapping (default).

This confuses me, if they are able to see my web server, and connect to eBox on port 443, why are they unable to connect to port 3784? Could this be an issue that my DNS does not recognize the service I am hosting, as there is a list I select from.
post the pic of what you doing on your Netgear and ill fix it for ya but i just thought of it does your 2wire(witch is your modem) have a firewall. I know mine does so I'm asking.
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