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Default Trying to work ventrillo on Windows

Well, before members read on the problem, i would like to inform that i am a newbie here. I recently started of with Ventrillo. I might be asking a very basic issue. But this is the case.

I am trying to get Ventrilo to work on my windows 10 desktop pc, I've tried changing the settings in the setup menu that are normally set to defaul, and changed them to the selected headset and mic that I use on my headset, and I can't heear anyone talking, they can't hear me, they can not see me pressing my push to talk key either.
I've gone through the monitor and test, and both of them show that ventrilo is picking up my voice through the mic, and that the push totalk key is actively registering during the test and monitor, but not when I'm actually trying to communicate.
Solution would be appreciated.

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