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Default PTT XBOX 1 Issues with Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Two days ago, my computer updated to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Since then, my PTT Advance to Current Channel doesn't work like it's supposed to.

I usually setup a binding for my Xbox One controller on the Left Joystick to talk to Current Channel. This has worked for over a year, including Windows 10, until this update. When I have Ventrilo clicked on as my main window, the bindings work. Once I click off to desktop/game/browser, it stops working. Kind of defeats the purpose, and now I can't talk easily on Ventrilo with games that use a controller.

I have tried your typical Ventrilo fixes already as well. Running as administrator, changing USB with controller, reinstalling Ventrilo, made sure nothing is muted. I mean it works if the Ventrilo Client is main window clicked on/active, but other than that it doesn't.

Please help or else the server I have had for about a decade now, might have to be switched over to TeamSpeak or Mumble if this isn't fixed soon. Really don't want to lose my Ventrilo Server address that I've had for this long either. Thank you for your help!

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