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Think it's a tad shortsighted to say " ventrilo didnt bother to make the mac version" because the evidence of the mac prototypem blares to the contrary. It is my estimation that Flag decided to keep vent running on just one client platform whilst he was perfecting the program as a whole; would be easier to develop the app when only worrying about coding on one client to get the major bugs out the client/server operations. it also made sense to make use of the codec which was native to that platform at the time, i.e. GSM on windows. In time, when the development cycle of the mac client has progressed to an officail release, I think we can rest safe in the knowlege that there will be a satisfactory solution to let all clients sing and text-to-speech happily to one another thorugh various servers.

In my vision of the future, I hope that Flag will bring out an entire new version of server and client; one which does away with the GSM codec and only has cross platform alternatives (such as Speex) available so from default set-ups of servers, all clients can connect happily.
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