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I do not run any netlimiter programs, however Virgin Media does have a traffic management policy. This should only affect p2p though:

"We also moderate the total volume of file sharing traffic on our network between 5pm and midnight on weekdays and midday and midnight on weekends. This policy is restricted to Peer to Peer (“P2P”) applications and Newsgroups (which are commonly used to distribute large amounts of data) This policy does not impact any applications other than Peer to Peer and Newsgroups, so things like watching iPlayer, online gaming, making calls via Skype, downloading music tracks from iTunes or streaming them from Spotify and sending an email or normal browsing are unaffected."

I occasionally make use of torrent programs, but not while on Vent/WoW of course (and yes, I make sure they are not running in the background).

I have previously disabled QoS while troubleshooting the problem, it occurs with and without the service activated.

I do not use Powercinema or PowerDVD.

I do not experience any lag or lockup, only instant disconnects as described in my first post.

I do not have a Bigfoot Killer network card, on-board Intel for wifi (which I don't use) and a Realtek.

I haven't made any registry adjustments that I know of, except for modifying connection speed/type to 100mbs full duplex as advised by wow tech support (not sure if that's what you mean), can you elaborate?

I haven't done any overclocking on my laptop as I don't use it for anything particularly demanding in terms of performance.

PS: I know looking for patterns in randomness is tempting and usually misleading but I'm inclined to say that I get DC'd on Vent more often (but definitely not only) when on WoW. Like I said before they both DC with identical symptoms on their own (WoW very often actually) and never right at the same time but Vent seems to do it more often when I'm also connected to WoW and unless I'm grasping at straws I think they DC in close succession more often than not.

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