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Default Solution fix the error message and get Ventrilo updated.

Originally Posted by madogre View Post error -1.) I can't even open the .pkg. I have tried 3 different programs,, Flat Package, and Pacifist. The title is the error I get with Pacificist says the BOM file does not exist or has been renamed. "The document “ventrilo-3.0.13-Darwin-universal.pkg” could not be opened" is the error message for Flat Package

I am running Mac OS X version 10.5.8. I have repaired all my permissions and run software update. Please help. Thank you.
I got the same error message one month ago when the update was released. I had not the time to look into the issue and I don't use Ventrilo very often, so I just ignore the update available notice. I re-open my Ventrilo today, get the same update notice, try to update again, with unfortunately the same result. Then I find this thread with no effective solution.

So, I tried to understand the actual issue and resolved it by myself. I have opened my terminal to get the actual content of the pkg file. It at this point that I have found an other pkg file (mpkg in fact) inside the pkg. Therefore, I have extracted the mpkg file from the pkg and try to execute it, with success!

With more research, I have find out that the issue was my unzip application (Zipeg) and not the Ventrilo packaging itself. Each time Zipeg extract a zip, it create a directory called by the name of the zip file (without the .zip extension) and then put the zip content in it. Since the zip file is called, the directory is called ventrilo-3.0.13-Darwin-universal.pkg. So, OS X see this directory as a pkg file and try to execute it. That is our real issue.

How to upgrade/install Ventrilo to the latest version (3.0.13)

1. Delete all the Ventrilo package file, extract or not, that you might have already downloaded.
2. Download the latest version of Ventrilo with your web browser.
3. Open a new Terminal window.
4. Go where you have downloaded the file, usually the Download directory.
cd ~/Downloads/
5. Unzip the zipped file.
6. Close the Terminal window and open a Finder window.
7. Go where you have downloaded and extracted the file, usually the Download directory.
8. Try to execute the VentriloClient.mpkg file.
9. Enjoy!

Tell me if this short how-to have solved your issue.

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