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This error message can be deceptive. Note: That is the way it is reported to me so don't blame the program for the deception.

I just recently upgraded my Laptop to Win-7 and after installing the client it presented me with the same error immediately upon connected to the server the very first time I used it.

I know the sound card and Mic input jack worked from previous OS. So it hit me: The driver for this sound device is telling me that there is no microphone plugged into the Mic jack. I've seen this before where the sound card is intelligent and you can make any port on the back do anything you want it to be. They can also sense whether or not a cable is plugged into the jack and some drivers will say the sound card doesn't have a driver if no cable is plugged in.

As soon as I plugged in the Mic from my headset the error stopped popping up. As soon as I unplugged the Mic and reconnected the error popped up again. Simple validation.

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