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tknarr 09-28-2010 10:46 PM

Logitech G930 mic always open
I got a G930 headset, and it's got one problem. When I go to use it using voice-activated, the mic's almost always open. When I go into setup and hit Monitor I show a good strong level when I'm talking and "Abs Zero" when I'm not, but Vent keeps the mic open nonetheless. The only ways I have to fix this are:
a) turn the level on the mic down to almost nothing, at which point I can barely be heard, or
b) set the sensitivity to just exactly the minimum shown when I'm talking, and even then a shift of just 1 unit causes it to either not open when I talk or stay open forever after I stop talking.

Has anyone else seen this problem and know of a fix for it?

Support @ 09-29-2010 11:28 AM

Make sure that you do not have any form of Microphone Boost enabled in your Operating System's sound properties. Also, make sure that your Amplifiers in the Setup menu of Ventrilo are at the Default level. Once you have verified this, you should be able to properly configure the sensitivity to suit your needs.

tknarr 09-29-2010 12:23 PM

Tried that, no dice. It's as if there's noise being picked up and detected by Vent even though the monitor scroll shows "Abs Zero". I do know the mic's extremely sensitive.

tknarr 09-29-2010 12:31 PM

OK, I found something that points to it being a Logitech hardware/software problem. If I activate any of the morphed voices, the problem ceases. I get a more normal 0-1 signal when I'm not talking, and xmit toggles on and off properly as I talk once I've adjusted the sensitivity. I'm going to submit a trouble ticket to Logitech and see if I get a response.

Support @ 09-29-2010 12:54 PM

Sounds great. Feel free to post any updates regarding this matter, as it may benefit other users with similar issues - should this issue be on Logitech's end.

Prog-Rocker 09-29-2010 02:32 PM

could you post a pic of your vent setup window plz. we'd like to try and reproduce this problem.

Mr. Magoo 09-29-2010 07:23 PM

You have your preview morph button clicked. I had the same problem, liked to have drove me crazy. Just uncheck it and the feed back will stop. Honestly the software is a pain in the neck, you find out lol But anyway hope that helps you.

Now if i could just get the g keys on the headset to work with vent, which they dont i would be set.....:(

tknarr 10-04-2010 03:43 PM


Originally Posted by Mr. Magoo (Post 156752)
You have your preview morph button clicked.

No, voice preview is turned off. I think this is related to the "Abs Zero" signal level I see scrolling when I have voice morphing disabled, vs. the 0-1 I see scrolling when I have it enabled and I'm not talking.

tknarr 10-04-2010 03:48 PM


Originally Posted by Prog-Rocker (Post 156743)
could you post a pic of your vent setup window plz. we'd like to try and reproduce this problem.

Here's the setup window. It's just the basic voice-activated setup, and a default G930 driver/application installation. The only odd thing I notice is that when I do a Monitor test and look at the signal level scroll when I'm silent, when the 930's voice morphing is turned off I see "Abs Zero" scrolling. With morphing turned on, or when I'm using my regular headset through the audio jacks, I see 0-1 scrolling. It's like the 930's outputting something for silence that Vent's intepreting as a very large value.

Prog-Rocker 10-04-2010 04:36 PM

are there any other options for the 'mux' setting?

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