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SirKellogs 10-31-2010 06:34 AM

Vent Client displays no controls or windows

I d/l the client today (the latest one for Mac) and installed it fine, but when I launch the Vent Client I don't get a control panel or any windows and my only options are to quit vent from the file menu across the top bar of the screen.

Is there a reason I can't see the client window?

Jaycyn 11-01-2010 12:40 PM

Couple of questions:

1) did you have vent previously, and if so, did it work

2) Can you go through the repair disk & permissions issue? I have seen that occur once when permissions were messed up on the account.

The first step is to boot from your operating system CD, use Disk Utility and repair the disk, followed by repair permissions.

Start from your Mac OS X Install disc: Insert the installation disc, then restart the computer while holding the C key.
When your computer finishes starting up from the disc, select your language, choose Disk Utility from the Installer menu.
Click the First Aid tab.
Click the disclosure triangle to the left of the hard drive icon to display the names of your hard disk volumes and partitions.
Select your Mac OS X volume.
Click Repair. Disk Utility checks and repairs the disk.
Click Repair Permissions. Disk Utility repair permissions. Ignore the errors - they are normal.
Quit Disk utility and restart

Try Vent again.

Do that and let us know.

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