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Dumanias 12-23-2008 02:19 AM

Detailed Guide: How to create a free Ventrilo Server
This guide will show you how to create a free ventrilo server. This guide is using a Linksys WRT45G Router. If you have a different router, you must know how to port forward on them before reading this guide.

1. Go to and download the Windows i386 - 32bit (Version 3.0.3), under Server Programs. Also download Windows i386 - 32bit - Win2000 and newer (Version 3.0.4), under Client Programs.

2. Go to and see your IP address. That's your EXTERNAL ip. (The one other people will use to get on your server.)

3. Start up your Ventrilo client, then minimize it.

4. Go to CMD (Start -> Run -> Type CMD -> Hit Enter). Type ipconfig. Type your Default Gateway into the address bar on an internet browser, and hit enter. Type in the username and password when prompted (default password: admin with no username)

5. Click the Applications & Gaming tab. Click Port Range Forward.

6. Type Ventrilo1 into the field "Application". Type 3784 in both "Start" and "End". Select "TCP" for "Protocol". Look at your cmd where you typed ipconfig. Type the last digits of your ip address into the "Ip Address" field. (3 Digits).

7. Create another line with the exact same information, but instead of TCP, select UDP for Protocol. Hit "Save Settings" and click OK when it says it was successful.

8. Now go to your firewall (Start -> Control Panel -> Security Center -> Windows Firewall.) Go to the "Exceptions" tab. Click "Add Port". Call it Ventrilo and type 3784 in port. Select TCP. Click OK.

9. Do this again, but select UDP this time. Click OK.

10. Now give people your external IP address and port 3784, so they can connect. When you connect, use your internal IP address, which is the ip address you see when you type ipconfig in cmd. Your server is set up.

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