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Jackrandom 07-08-2010 05:26 PM

Static - maybe a fix
Ullo all this has driven me mad for ages !!!


This works for me Using a cheap pair of USB TRUST 5.1 surround sound headphones and tried on a pair of Logitech G35?? (think thats what they are - nicked them off a mate to try :))

- a bit of a pain but it stops the static.

Ok. your chatting quite nicely to all on the vent and then someone screams at you "too much static mate"

I'm using Windows 7 64 bit (not tried it on anything else)

If your in game ALT-TAB out.
then go to "SOUND" icon in your control panel.
Not in game? go to the "SOUND" icon in your control panel.

(I now have this on my desktop or you could right click and choose PLAYBACK DEVICE from the speaker icon in the system tray)

I have 4 tabs on mine you may have more or less.

click the RECORDING TAB. - if you see your microphone completely maxed out then this is good as this is the fix.

Double click the playback device your using (mines called speakers) should be your default (green ticked one)

now click on the LEVELS tab
on the Line in slider - click and then unclick the little speaker symbol at the end of the line (just to the right of the number box)

Click OK

Now click the RECORDING TAB again - the active microphone should now just show the pale blue colour with a slowly rising green bar to indicate your mics picking up sound. (instead of the maxed out green colour)

Ta-DA! chat on without getting whinged at by people on your vent server.

Hope this helps
its saved me a lot of time as the only other cure i found was closing Battlefield Bad company2 then closing vent - reboot BFBC2 and then when in game ALT-TAB out and reboot vent and log in then ALT -TAB back into BFBC2.

Prog-Rocker 07-08-2010 05:56 PM

stickied for future reference

Juujuu 07-16-2010 07:28 AM

Another way to do it is just getting the person to turn their outbound to 0. It takes care of 9/10 peoples static that is from increasing the gain. They just might have to talk louder for you to hear them tho.

xskyline1x 07-19-2010 11:32 PM

Omg this worked... i owe u!!!!!!!!!

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