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CreeperTrek 11-01-2014 09:53 AM

Ventrilo hates me
So, thank you for any help you may give. I got my new 64-bit windows 8.1 computer, and I download ventrilo with no issue I downloaded ventrilo from [url][/url]. I add the username of John Charleston, and when I go to add a server, I get to the GUI I need to, and when I click to add a server name, I can't do crap. I see that there is a line on the left, and I try to type, but it shows no input. The line still flashes, but there is no text. I've uninstalled and re-installed, repaired the program via wizard setup, and I've done these things countless times. I just can't figure out what I am doing wrong. Please just give me any suggestions, and I will greatly appreciate it.

Flagship 11-01-2014 10:20 AM

In the "Connection Editor" click the "New" button to create server name first. Then you can edit it's details.

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