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rozwadowski 03-21-2007 04:19 PM

Can't Connect to server !!??
A few hours ago i bought a server from one of the resellsers.
From the beginning i can't connect to it. I could connect to their test server but when i bought my own one i can't do enything with it. Other users can connect without any problems. On my side when I cklick the connect button its changed its state to Disconnect but i can't see any channels on Vent.

I copied part of my server log:

20070321 12:46:54 MSG_CONN: ID 3, IP 88.111.*, Accepted. (16384,262142) (87380,262142)
20070321 12:46:59 AUTO: ID 3, IP 88.111.*, Did not logon before timeout.
20070321 12:46:59 MSG_ABORT: ID 3, 88.111.* aborted.
20070321 12:47:29 MSG_CONN: ID 4, IP 88.111.*, Accepted. (16384,262142) (87380,262142)
20070321 12:47:34 AUTO: ID 4, IP 88.111.*, Did not logon before timeout.
20070321 12:47:34 MSG_ABORT: ID 4, 88.111.* aborted.
20070321 12:48:04 MSG_CONN: ID 5, IP 88.111.*, Accepted. (16384,262142) (87380,262142)
20070321 12:48:09 AUTO: ID 5, IP 88.111.*, Did not logon before timeout.
20070321 12:48:09 MSG_ABORT: ID 5, 88.111.* aborted.

Please help - Its really annoying.

My ventrilo resseler is NationVoice and the server is in london.

mjgraf 03-22-2007 05:58 AM

does the client return an error? what is in your log file (right click in ventrilo, view > log file)?
have you checked your firewall that the port needed is open?

rozwadowski 03-22-2007 06:09 AM

Client doesn't return any error.

There is nothing in log about this connection.

Im really confused....

And it happends only in the evenings.

Today morning i could connect without any problems.

After 4pm its always this same.

But they telephone support is usless as usual :(

Malard 03-24-2007 04:01 PM

HMm! i get the same prob! like you say but i just connect to so one else's server! AND i am with tiscali also!!!, i can connect to a server at about 9:30 GMT and again at about 22:30 GMT... dunno what is doing it cos i can ping the server throught run > cmd ping "IP" and that returns pings fine...

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