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RORWessels 05-05-2009 06:13 PM

Here is a question about the Mac version I have.
Is there a plan to make the Ventrillo cleint a Cocoa 64bit app on the Mac.

With the upcoming release of Mac OSX 10.6 with grand central, it would seem more important then ever to have as many apps as possible running in a native 64 bit mode then not to keep the system efficient.

I love Vent and even provide the Vent server for my guild just so we can use it for raids and what not.

Would really like to see a 64 Bit Cocoa version of it though.

I know Windows is a larger install base, but Mac has been 64 Bit since OSX was released and if we are going by the installed base for 64 bit on the desktop, I think Mac wins that one.

Just a hope and a dream. Don't know if anyone from Flagship will see this or not. Did not see a what to send them e-mail from their site, so I hope they monitor this forum.

Rick Wessels
Dallas, TX.

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