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seascape195 04-13-2019 04:07 PM

v4.0.2 64bit DNS problem
There's something strange going on that I have narrowed down to be a Ventrilo v4.0.2 64-bit issue. After testing with multiple computers, OS's, web browsers, email programs and other chat clients (discord & teamspeak) and on no less than 4 different endorsed ventrilo endorsed host server sites. Ventrilo is the ONLY one that is having this problem.

Ventrilo can't seem to resolve DNS to its IP address for the server connection. However, there is a workaround for it, if you hard code the IP address of the ventrilo server it has no problem finding it and connecting. Remove the IP and use the DNS address and it just can't find it. Put the IP address in, finds it immediately no problem.

Please fix the DNS problem in Ventrilo.

Prog-Rocker 04-14-2019 07:56 AM

vent expects a response from the OS DNS server. first verify your computers are getting a response from your DNS server.

open a command prompt and type:

nslookup {server hostname}

(example: nslookup )

you will see a response from your DNS server (probably your routers ipaddress which queries your ISP DNS server) and then the actual ipaddress.

then type the following which will query the OpenDNS server:

nslookup {vent hostname}

(example: nslookup )

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