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omnomnom 06-15-2010 07:59 PM

(not responding) windows 7
im trying to set up vent. ive already checked the use direct sound box under input and output. ive also set them to speakers (realtek high def audio) and microphone (realtek high def audio). whenever i hit my PTT button and speak, it locks up. Suggestions?

Prog-Rocker 06-16-2010 08:43 AM

in vent setup/binds-speech tabs, set the output device to the same as the voice tab

try setting both Vent and any online game to ‘Run As Administrator’ (rt-click their icons)

try turning off ‘User Account Control’ located in Windows Control-Panel/User Accounts

Audio Driver

Check the Audio driver to make sure it is up to date. Or try re-installing the current driver.
(note: some USB Headsets do not require a driver)
(Don’t assume the driver is up to date as a newer one may have been released since the computer was built)

- If you have a brand-name PC, like Dell or HP, then check the manufacturers website for driver updates.
- If you built the PC and use the on-board sound device then check the motherboard manufacturers website for drivers for your model motherboard.
- If you use a plug-in soundcard, like SoundBlaster, then check that manufacturers website for drivers.

Also check for BIOS and chipset updates

omnomnom 06-16-2010 03:22 PM

ok, got that problem fixed, sort of. program still locks up, but not as frequently. I also unchecked play key clicks. is there a way to get live help? my mic sounds screwy, some PTT buttons wont work, and i cant get the voice activation to work. Most confusing voice chat program FTW

Prog-Rocker 06-16-2010 11:36 PM

for windows 7:

for voice activation, set the sensitivity = 5. if the mic picks up too much backround noise then increase that number

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