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jerome 03-09-2006 09:42 PM

Usage of .pkg uncessary
I just wanted to say I'm excited to have some official gaming VOIP solution support on mac, and Ventrillo mac prototype seems decent despite it's early stages. I just had really one thing, that is to not use the OS X Installer .pkg formate for distribution, it usually turns a lot of people off (like myself). I don't mean to come across as snobby about distribution formats, it's just that .pkg is typically suited for installing system level things, it's more scary to some. Also seemed to notice some weirdness mentioned in the forums about issues with the installer.

A drag & drop from a dmg would be a lot smoother. Ventrillo is just currently so it would be best suited on a .dmg by itself or with a readme file. Even 'cooler' is do what all the rage is now and put an Alias to the applications folder next to the app on the dmg (see Adium, Gizmo Project for an example) which is just a nifty little handy thing.

Keep up the great work. :)

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