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Laraine 11-06-2005 04:19 AM

Our Guild did rent a server from
Unfortunatly their server cant configured from user side for Speedx.
After finaly getting the Support to change the server to Speex, we now have delays of 3-5 secconds till a response or answer is received while chatting. Its problematic, since you cant react just in time while playing.

Does anyone have si9milar problems?
What settings your server have?
Does anyone have a Testserver wich is useabel for mac?

mjgraf 11-06-2005 08:45 AM

our test server (no open to the public) does not exhibit this problem. what kind of ping times do you have to the server?

shidarin 11-06-2005 12:40 PM

Get a better host...

Laraine 11-07-2005 04:14 AM


Originally Posted by mjgraf
our test server (no open to the public) does not exhibit this problem. what kind of ping times do you have to the server?

Ping is 100 to 120.

toomuchfun 11-07-2005 10:17 AM

Codec latency, not network latency?
I am experiencing the same problem. Since switching from GSM to speex, in order to support Mac users, the voice latency has increased dramatically even though the network latency (as reported by the PING statistics) have remained the same.

Laraine 11-07-2005 01:04 PM

Its hard to judge if its a network problem, a ventrilo problem or a codec or server prob when you not have any refference.
This was my first rented server.
Wich saddens me is that I have to write support each time to get any settingchange done since they not have Speex in their webconfig yet.

If there is a vent server I could connect to, just to be abel to compare, that would be a big help deciding if I should try a different host.

The members in our "Guild" are from spain, Germany, USA mexico and asia. So where to place there server? Most user seems to connect from USA, any reccomandations which host us relyabel and useabel?

lispinator 11-07-2005 02:15 PM

i am havoing this problem also with the latency. the pings that the other people are getting are around 120-200 and used to work fine, but just recently i am getting huge delays like 5 seconds or so. i am running my own server though and not one i rented. any help would be great!

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