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PopeZaphod 05-06-2006 03:50 PM

Virtual Memory - 2GB?
I'm using the shiny Prototype 14 relese of Ventrilo for Mac and am wondering about memory usage. Currently it's using around 600MB of Real Memory and almost 3GB of Virtual Memory. The kernal_task is only using 1.4GB of VM. Is this typical memory usage?

Flagship 05-06-2006 05:05 PM

No. Something is seriously wrong.

PopeZaphod 05-10-2006 06:45 PM

OK, it seems to be loading resources for the Cepstral Voice I use as my system's default every time someone enters or leaves a channel. I've turned off the text-to-speech option when people leave channels. I'll miss the functionality but will prefer not to have my VM increasing like that.

Flagship 05-13-2006 11:43 PM

My TTS does not have this effect during any of my testing scenarios but I don't use that voice. Try using a different one to see if it stops, short of turning TTS off entirely.

Flagship 05-14-2006 06:55 PM

I just noticed that I don't even have a voice named "Cepstral" on either of my systems.

I suspect this might be a bug in the voice you are using and not ventrilo. Where did you get it from?

PopeZaphod 05-17-2006 07:53 PM

Cepstral makes several additional voices for PCs and Macs - [URL=""][/URL]

The problem was with the older version - 3.4.0 - of Cepstral Voices. I upgraded to the latest ( and the problem went away.

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