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Phaedarus 07-11-2006 07:09 PM

Make Speex the Default Codec
Just as the topic says. Make speex a default codec for both client and server editions of Ventrilo. Ask hosting companies who don't already have it to ensure that Speex is available for all their servers.

These small but minor changes will go a long way towards allievating the pain many Mac users playing MMORPGs suffer where it comes to end-game content. I myself have been shut out of end-game in WoW due to this very reason after having learned that no one is going to make an effort to alter the codec on my behalf just to accomodate me alone. They simply don't care if it takes 15 seconds and a server reboot. If it doesn't affect them directly, they won't even bother.

If Speex, isntead of GSM was defaulted, I imagine many Mac users would rejoice. Of course, should PC users happen to notice that the quality of Speex is not up to par, they have the option to change it; but at least from the get go this levels the playing field for mac users who are trying to get into an end-game guild.

Ur-Jack 07-12-2006 09:49 AM

Agreed. Also lobby the campaign for removal of GSM from the codec options - keep only cross platform solutions in the application.

PopeZaphod 07-13-2006 10:21 PM

And a pony! I want a pony!

And if your guild isn't willing to make a 15 second change because it doesn't affect them personally, you need to find another guild.

wadesworld 07-14-2006 01:20 AM

I have heard enough stories to believe that some guilds struggle. Most are because of people not upgrading when told to do so, but some have users that continue to have problems.

Of course my belief is if your guild is unwilling to work the problem (maybe via a test server - not necessarily a wholesale changeover) in order to include ALL members of the guild, then you need to find another guild.

Phaedarus 07-14-2006 02:08 AM


Originally Posted by PopeZaphod
And a pony! I want a pony!

And if your guild isn't willing to make a 15 second change because it doesn't affect them personally, you need to find another guild.

You're obviously a troll in need of a clue; so let me provide you with one, free of charge. Why don't we start with a story?

Two months ago I signed up with a end-game guild. It was considered the top Horde raiding guild on my server. Through an officer of the guild who was a friend of mine, I was offered a tryout and I gladly accepted. I made note that in order for me to use their vent, the codec needed to be altered. I was assured that the server admin would send an email to the host requesting such a change. In the meantime I was expected to attend all events during regular raiding hours.

It should be noted that I don't have a beefy system; it's a dual G4 768 Quicksilver with 1GB of RAM. I still needed Ventrilo so I fired up VPC. It was my first time in an end-game instance and what followed was something akin to a disaster. Consistent 2-3 FPS with all settings turned down or disabled. I could hardly catch up with the assist trains to which I was assigned. Worse yet, I was lagging behind everyone else on Ventrilo by at least 5-10 seconds so I never received any timely forewarnings when a boss would trigger a devastating form of attack. Basically, handicapped via emulating another OS on top of my own, I was rendered ineffective. Not a very good debut in the eyes those who were reviewing my performance. A few other tryouts ended up in much the same fashion; low FPS and a lagging vent.

Meanwhile, I learned that nothing had been done to change the codec. Nothing at all. I tried desperately to remind the server administrator to contact the host. He said he'd get right on it as soon as he could. This persisted for a few weeks. Apparently typing out a quick email was just too much work for him - that, or he didn't care. By that time, I was told I hadn't made the cut due to the fact I was more of a liability to the raid than anything else.

Following that, I made some other attempts to get into one of the very few remaining end-game guilds but with no success and all for the same reason: no Mac supported Ventrilo and no desire on their part to affect change so that it were otherwise.

So smart guy, if you hadn't already come to the realization from reading my base post, I am guildless. Why? All end-game guilds on my server require Ventrilo to coordinate with and yet none of their servers support Macs. Unless you happen to be a personal friend of the guildmaster in question, convincing anyone to request a change made to a mechanism upon which they are reliant upon is like squeezing water out of a rock. In their minds, why should they alter their own server which they pay for just to cater to a single recruit among many who have no such requirements? End-game guilds aren't a dime a dozen on my server. I can't simply just move from one to the next because quite frankly, I don't have a lot of options.

Like it or not, we are still living in a Windows dominated era. I only know one other person who is using a Mac on the same server and he has to resort to using a separate outdated Mac to run Ventrilo in VPC. Otherwise, he wouldn't be experiencing end-game content.

PopeZaphod, I take it that you’re one of the few lucky enough to find a guild that already had a Mac compatible server or found a server admin willing to change their server codec for your benefit. Good for you. Note however, that most of us aren’t that lucky.

The above scenario is typical of the crap Mac users have to wade through if they want to experience end-game content. We’ve got to claw our way through the bias PC users have toward Mac users in hopes of locating a guild that is willing to work with us. Failing that, all we can do is settle for the 10-15 man subpar guilds that just happens to have Speex enabled because they couldn’t care less how their server was configured in the first place!

My point is, WHY should we have to rely upon the sympathies of others just to get a fair shot at end-game content? We shouldn’t!

By setting Speex as a default for both client and server editions of the software, this problem would virtually evaporate. A lot of people on this forum have been claiming that the difference between GSM and Speex quality is hardly noticeable. Why not put your money where your mouth is? If it stands to be true than no one would be the wiser regardless which host operates their Ventrilo server! All that would change would be the fact that Mac users will now have a significant barrier removed when they start looking for an end-game guild.

Flagship 07-14-2006 10:03 AM

This problem goes away with the next major upgrade.

mjgraf 07-14-2006 08:15 PM


Originally Posted by Flagship
This problem goes away with the next major upgrade.

qft, hehe

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